Gabrielle Smith is a designer, creative producer and cultural commentator.

She currently works as a Motion Designer, creating engaging content for CNN’s digital platform.
With 9 years experience in broadcast design, Gabrielle has creatively interpreted some of the world’s most memorable news stories. She has worked for clients including ITV News, MTV/Comedy Central, and Adidas.

Gabrielle’s passion for creative storytelling and her own journey into the creative industry led her to create the:nublk – a digital platform which connects its audience to the often untold yet inspiring work made by creatives from Africa, the Caribbean, and the Diaspora. She has produced culturally engaging experiences including exhibitions, films screenings, artist talks and meetups in the UK and internationally.

As well as working as a creative, Gabrielle has had the opportunity to share her experience in the following areas: design, digital media, film, race and gender inclusion within the creative industry, championing creatives from Africa, the Caribbean and the Diaspora, and the power of collaboration in interviews with Design Week and ThandieKay as well as a speaker at Social Media Week Lagos, London School of Economics, Africa Utopia, University of Arts London, and Google.

Gabrielle has a keen eye for uncovering movements that need more attention in the world at large and has sought to create work which reflects this.


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