Gabrielle Smith is a graphic designer and cultural commentator with a passion for creative collaboration.
She has worked for global companies including Adidas, TEDx and Sugru a company named as one of Time Magazine’s 50 best inventions. During the six years she spent as a motion graphics designer for ITV News,  Gabrielle created images to enhance the storytelling of global news events including the royal engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the London 2012 Olympics and the 2008 US Presidential Election.
She was also commissioned to be the lead designer for ‘Leaders Live 2014’ a youth-focused interactive debate hosted by ITV News and SBTV in which leaders of the UK’s political parties engaged in a discussion with key influencers from the UK.
Gabrielle is also the founder of award-winning arts and culture platform The:nublk which, after seven years, continues to connect its audience to untold and inspiring stories of creatives from Africa, the Caribbean and the Diaspora through a series of engaging experiences held online and also offline through exhibitions, meet-ups and film screenings in the UK and abroad.
Her work both as a designer and founder of The:nublk has provided her the opportunity of sharing her experience with audiences at Google, LSE, Social Media Week Lagos, the Black Cultural Archives, Essence magazine and Design Week.
Gabrielle has a keen eye for uncovering movements that need more attention in the world at large and has sought to create work which reflects this.
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